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The luminaire has two modules: a module to a heat sink and the LED (5 cm*/ / height and width, and 5 cm* in length), and a module B with the electronic components (of the same height and width, and 17 cm* long).

RecycleLED contains several eco-light cubes, each with an eco-LED. They can be purchased separately and installed on each side of the module B, so that the lamp supports all kinds of combinations.

The light intensity is configurable, and can be arranged in various ways: as a pendant light, mounted, floor lamp, or table lamp.

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The material used is PET modules. This material has a very useful set of properties:

  1. Temperature (good resistance to temperature changes)
  2. Its optical characteristics
  3. Mechanical characteristics
  4. It is easy to recycle

With this material you may create a structure of 100% recycled material. Moreover, the raw material is obtained from recycling PET, so that the material itself is already recycled.

*approximate measures

The RecycleLED luminaire:

– easy to dismantle/maintain: longer lifespan
– easy to dismantle/upgrade: longer lifespan
– energy-efficient: Use of LED, dimmers, sensors, light control
– 5 years warranty: longer lifespan (reliability of the system)
– High-quality components: We have used citizen and meanwell components, more expensive but also more reliable (longer theoretical lifespan).
– No toxic materials contained (within the limits allowed by RoHS)
– high % of recycled material
– aesthetic design
– modular design (different configurations)
– full light control
– different colors (injected plastic can be injected in any color)


You can buy it in: onaemotion 

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